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Oxfordshire County Council Transport Plan

The Parish Council has submitted a detailed response to OCC's request for comment on their LPT5 consultation. The response has also been sent to our OCC Councillor, Mrs Anda Fitzgerald-O'Connor and to Mrs Yvonne Constance, OCC Cabinet Member for the Environment. The full text of our response can be seen here.

We have also liaised with our MP, David Johnston, together with most of the other parishes along the A420 to seek long term solutions to the traffic problems on the A420.

Fyfield Bus Stop - Pedestrian Refuge

After a long battle OCC has finaly agreed to install a pedestrian refuge in the middle of the A420 for the Fyfield bus stop. It is the intention of OCC, following the fatality last Christmas, to obtain pedestrian and cycle access onto the concrete track in the adjacent field and link this to the old road leading to Kingston Bagpuize. The existing foot and cycle crossings at the end of the dual carriageway would then be closed. Work is ciurrently scheduled for the 18th August 2020 for ten days.

The Parish Council see this as a first step and are mindful of the need to ensure safe crossings at the other two bus stops in the parish. In addition, it is still our preferred option to have crossing lights for complete safety.

Rainbow Bridge

The Rainbow Bridge has been under repair and fenced off for some considerable time. Work was stopped by the Corona virus. At the moment, all that remains to be done is the laying of a non-slip surface over the bridge by contractors. The Environment Agency propose to re-open the bridge, subject to warning signs that the bridge surface may be slippery. Contractors are expected on site at the end of June for about one week when the bridge will be closed again, hopefully for the final time.

Proposed Housing Development and the Vale Local Plan

The Parish Council is actively objecting to the proposed housing development by Lioncourt which is included in the Vale of White Horse draft local Plan. We need your help in fighting this proposal.

Follow current developments through the dedicated FLAG pages.

Public Access Defibrillator

The Parish Council and the Village Fete Committee have just acquired a Public Access Defibrillator with the aid of a grant from Scottish and Southern Electricity. This has been installed in Fyfield Church porch.

Neighbourhood Watch Scheme

There is a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme covering most of the Parish. Small areas are allocated to local coordinators who are in contact with their neighbours who are members of the scheme.

Watch members are regularly informed of potential issues via a cascading email. Groups of members will be represented by a local co-ordinator who will receive the email directly from the police and can then forward it within the group. Members without email would be given a printed copy.

If you are not currently a memebr and would like more information or to become a member, please contact the Clerk who will get your local coordinator to make contact.

Roadside Weeds and Silt

Despite our efforts to get the District Council to clear weeds and silt from the roadside gutters, they have steadfastly pleaded a lack of funds to do the job. It seems that the only way we can keep the village tidy is to do it ourselves. If those residents who are able can clear the gutter outside of their property then this would further enhance the visual appearance of the villages.

Notice Boards

The Clerk and one of the local Councillors hold keys to the notice boards. Details may be found on the boards. Providing there is space, non Parish Council notices can be displayed. Please contact one of the key holders to arrange access. Alternatively, email your notice to the Clerk. Notices should preferably be printed on A5 rather than A4. The Clerk can reduce your notice if required.