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The Lioncourt Planning Application - P18/V2791/O

Lioncourt submitted an outline planning application despite the Inspector not makining a final decision on the viability of the site on the 9th November 2018. The District Council are required by law to consider the application. No objection from the Parish Council would be taken as agreement to the application.

The Parish Council immediately objected that the application was premature to the Inspector, Ian Kemp and to the Leader of the District Council, Roger Cox. Mr Cox responded by email as follows:

"Thank you for copies of the correspondence which I have in turn copied to officers. As you are aware the Council received a letter from the Inspector on 30 October 2018, where he raised one substantive issue regarding Dalton Barracks, to which he asked the Council to respond on how it wished to proceed. He also states there were a number of other matters, which might include other sites such as the site within Fyfield and Tubney Parish, adjacent to Kingston Bagpuize with Southmoor, where modifications could be required for the plan to achieve soundness, which he will set out in due course. If planning applications were submitted for LPP 2 sites, the Council would be unlikely to determine those applications until Part 2 was adopted."

He later responded more formally.

The Inspector's response was less helpfull:

"I'm afraid we're unable to assist on this matter. The Inspector has now powers to intervene on the timing of any planning applications or the Council's determination of them."

Susan Halliwell also resonded.

The current status of the application and all the documentation can be found on the District Council website.

Following receipt of the application from the District Council, the Parish Council wrote to Lioncourt and received a response stating that the Parish Council's views were noted.

The Parish Council submitted an initial formal response and an addendum covering the Cumulative Traffic Impact to the District Council.

Many residents also submitted personal objections which can be found through the District Council link.

More interesting is the objection raised by Oxfordshire County Council which questions the viability of both Transport and Education.

Prof. Cobb also wrote to the Insepctor concerning Air Quality Issues.

We gather that the OCC objection requires further traffic surveys and wished to emphasize that these must not take place during school holidays. The following letter was sent to Adrian Duffield, Head of Planning at the Vale. A further letter was sent to Harry Davis at Oxfordshire County Council drawing attention to the problem of 'Rat Running' through the parish when conducting the traffic survey.

Following the publication of the District Council's Main Modifications to the plan (in response to the Inspector's comments) we have submitted two further documents.

Comments on MM28 - specifically the Lioncourt Development.

Impact on the Marcham Air Quality Management Area in Marcham due to the Lioncourt Development